One of the most common cause of failures or problems in computers is the lack of antivirus software. So it is an important part of computer.

Several benefits of antivirus are given below:-


If we do not have an antivirus program on our computer, we cannot scan files as they enter in our computer. Most antivirus programs contain a shield for our system in the form of a scanner. When our antivirus program detects an infected program or file, virus removal process starts to remove the file instantly or move it to a special folder.

Virus Removal

Scan Individual Files

If we want to run a program or open a file in the computer, but we are not sure that it is either safe or not. If we do not have an antivirus program, we can either play gamble on the safety of the file or application or limit our access to it. With the help of antivirus, we can scan the file or program before interacting with it. We can prevent wide-scale invasions from Trojans and other viruses by simply scanning files before opening. We should always take benefit of this function when we download files from the Internet or receive from others.

Protect personal information

Apart from malware removal process antivirus is also used to protect information. Without an antivirus application securing our system is quite difficult. In fact, it is possible that we transfer viruses to anyone in our contact lists if our computer is infected. In addition, we could find that all of our most important information has transferred to networks of infected computers. These networks are called botnets, and they are responsible for stealing credit card numbers and other personal information. The Conficker worm is an example of one of such virus.